Summer Camp / School Breaks


Kindergarten through 6th Grade

When school is OUT, the fun is IN at Bells Ferry Learning Center! Our field trip schedule is the absolute best in Cherokee County. Each child participates in three field trips per week to fun and exciting places such as the Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags, Braves games, Chuck E. Cheese, Build-A-Bear Workshop, The Bounce House, Brewster’s Ice Cream, Menchie’s, Town Center Mall, World of Coke, Centennial Park and much, much more. 

On non-field trip days, we can be found on-site playing video games with the Game Truck, mining for gems with Diamond Del, or hosting one of our many other on-site field trips. Of course, we also have a lot of fun on our own and have performed some science experiments that our kids just love, such as seeing what happens when you drop Mentos into Diet Coke or what happens when a bunch of rubber bands get wrapped around a watermelon. (see videos below)

Our summer and break camps are hosted by mature, experienced, professional counselors. We require our bus drivers to be a minimum of 25 years old with a perfect driving record. We follow stringent vehicle check procedures every single time we transport children to ensure that NO child EVER gets left behind on one of our vans. 100% of our summer camp personnel are First Aid/CPR Certified, even though state regulations only require 50% to be certified.