Twos / Threes


30 – 48 Months

What a busy time for you and your child! There is so much learning, growth, and development during these months. The brain is developing at an intense rate and physical activity stimulates brain growth. Our twos and threes enjoy an active, structured daily schedule. There is time for music and movement, art, outdoor play, reading, circle time, center time, math, science, and much more. Throughout our center, we use Creative Curriculum. This is a developmentally-appropriate curriculum that combines just the right mixture of child-directed and teacher-directed activities. It allows the teacher the flexibility to create unique and personalized lesson plans that meet the needs of the children in the class based on their developmental level and their interests. 

We focus on Pre-K readiness in these classrooms. The rooms are divided into learning centers, just like Pre-K, but with age-appropriate materials in the centers. The teachers allow the children time to work and explore in each center and there is a great deal of teacher-child interaction to help the children discover their potential in each area.

Each classroom has a parent information board where you can find our daily schedule, weekly lesson plan, the weekly menu, and any other information you need about our classroom routine.  For more personalized information, we communicate electronically using Kid Reports. As a parent, you set the controls of how frequently you receive communication. You can receive a text every time we change a diaper, go potty, or have a bite to eat. Or, you can choose to get a summary of your child’s day via email at the end of the day. We also love to surprise our parents with an occasional photo or video text of their child so you don’t miss out on all the cuteness we are enjoying!